4Story comes complete with a grand main quest line

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4Story comes complete with a grand main quest line

Cheap 4Story: Origin Currency 4Story puts players in the three kingdoms of Iveria: DeFugel Craxion and Broa. Blessed by Rea the Goddess of creation these kingdoms have yet managed to bring war upon each other all in an effort to force their ‘truths’ upon one another. Into this turmoil you are born a hero destined to seek and find the real truth buried in hundreds of thousands of years of chaos and war. 4Story comes complete with a grand main quest line along with myriad sub and hidden quests.4Story allows players to command up to 48 others and is made possible by the unique R.S.T.S. system. Simply by using the minimap a commander can monitor a real-time battle and fluidly issue orders just with mouse clicks.

The Christmas event for MU Origins 2 is now live and will run through December 27. If you’re thinking about jumping in here are some details.During the Christmas season players can enjoy a fun hunt to defeat event Bosses. The Bosses will drop Rudolph Horns which can be exchanged for special items including Archangel Weapons Gem Chests and more. As expected participating in the Christmas hunt will net you more rewards.On Christmas Eve and Christmas Day the Epic Guardian Pet Gift and Epic Accessory Chest will be given as Christmas gifts for the warriors. Moreover to make Christmas even merrier the MU ORIGIN 2 team has prepared even more gifts that can be earned through simple quests. z2u.com provides Cheap 4Story: Origin Currency for Sale  for players

MU Origin 2 has receive a new content update called Guide of the Void. And it’s out now.Additional features which enhance strength are included in the update. For example the Wings Awakening system has five types each of Attack and Defense Element Properties which will give strength to the characters by leveling up and enhancing their wings. Also the Elemental Weapon which has five types of Elemental Properties: Fire Water Wind Earth and Lightning will be added. Both of these features will unlock for the players over level 400.The Magic Gladiator is the fifth class in MU ORIGIN 2 which is known to be the master of swords and magic. To unlock the Magic Gladiator players must reach at least level 120 for the previously created character in the same server.