Shadowverse has launched a new in-game event to celebrate

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Shadowverse has launched a new in-game event to celebrate

Buy Shadowverse Crystals Shadowverse received a new update this week that introduces new temporary cards and gems which you can earn from playing matches.Temporary gems can be earned by playing matches regardless if you win or lose. You can then exchange these gems for temporary cards which are very similar to regular cards except that they can’t be animated with seer’s globes or liquefied.These new cards have an orange number in the top right corner so they’re easily identified in your Collection. It’s not yet clear how long the temporary cards will be available though most players have guessed that it’ll be until the end of the current season.

Cygames announced that their competitive card game Shadowverse has launched a new in-game event to celebrate the game’s third anniversary.Beginning on June 16 players will receive a temporary version of each legendary card from all card pack from Classic Card Pack to Steel Rebellion. This will exclusive alternate art cards and leaders cards. These temporary cards will only be available in the player’s collection for a set period of time and will be noted with an orange number. They can be used to build decks and play matches just like any other card but they cannot be liquefied or animated with seer’s provides Cheap Sell Shadowverse Crystals  for players

Games like Hearthstone and Shadowverse rarely stand still with new sets of cards added regularly giving players new puzzles to solve new strategies to master and new knowledge to acquire. The upside for engaged players is huge – there is actually no end to how much time you can spend engaging with a game and its community. The downside of course is the barrier to entry and learning curve that this presents – not just for new players but for lapsed players too. And I’m not just talking about having a viable card collection but understanding the meta – the popular decks the match-ups and how you’re going to tackle it.