Can my stats be OK to begin training Slayer?

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My advice is, because as soon as you get 80 hunt chins are fast, simply do chins until 99. 63-80 makes bout 4.5m or so. So, just search red chinchompas 3 Makes 40m+ these days. Yea, I hunted reddish chinchompas and red salamanders to get 10 minutes every day, and if I focus, I could get near 100k at red chinsmph. At red salamanders, I only got 70k exp each hour. Well thats really good since I do not even make 100k search xp at 99. You don't make 100k xp. You can not test it nicely doing 5 minutes. And if you say you tested an hour and say you have 100k, I'll feel obligated to RS gold call you a liar. However, you have the reply to your question allready... search chins.

I'm new to Members and'm interested in starting to do some Slayer assignments. I have read Sal's manual of Slaying have heard about where to get assignments from and stuff, but I was wondering when someone had a rough idea regarding the requirements necessary to start training slayer? By prerequisites I mean: Combat level? Money? Armour? Can my stats be OK to begin training Slayer?

I'll be quite short with you personally but this is everything you should spend in for 85 slayer (Time consuming- Yes, Profiting, Yes) 300 Bunyip Pouches to begin (might need more), 300 Pure/super sets (Super attack and str (And def if you like)), 2k Monkfish.

And do EVERY job, Take your time, collect drops, Dont cannon, Keep all drops, You can try Shilo but should you find it difficult, Do chealdar for a while and most importantly have fun doing it, Dont over do it by try to stay consistent with your slaying. There are a handful of AMAZING slayer guides on the market if you look for them that will provide you a much better view about the best way to train it. But figured id give you my guidance.

I will have to disagree with a few people here. I am 80 slay, and I find that the cannon useful. It really is total preference, but it really helps speed up some slower jobs and can help you get a couple of range levels in easily. It does cost a good bit of money, but you'll be making so much gain with other jobs it will not even matter. All three of them drop many rannars, powerful banshees also drop a lot of buy RuneScape gold pure character, so you return about 1/2 to 3/4 of everything you invest on cannonballs.